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The Adds

Away from the movie theaters chains for 33 years, and only movie theater in its neighborhood, the Kinopanorama owes some of its success to a very aggressive add campaign, especially in the weekly program magazines, "L'Officiel Des Spectacles" and "Pariscope". In its adds, the Kinopanorama was presented as THE movie theater, a place that none other could match, and where movie experience was exceptional. In these adds were mentioned the address and phone number of the theater, the titles and formats of the movies, technical information, and sometimes some artistic information or comments.

As the Kinopanorama seems to be coming to an end, these adds help us remember our "Kino", the one we enjoyed.

Here is a selection of these adds (some of them are missing though). Memories...

Do you know this theater? The Cinerama Rive Gauche (= Left Bank) was for a while the new name of the Kinopanorama. At the end of 1969, "Hello Dolly" was played on three prestigious screens:

A list of theaters we'd like to see more often...

December 1974

December 1975, a classic

February 1979
The 240sqm of the screen can't be missed

July 1979

October 1979, the movie that woke the Kinopanorama up
Note "Seul à Paris... sur écran géant!" (Only in Paris... on a giant screen!)

October 1979
Two weeks later, the add was changed a little bit;
the Kino still is the only giant screen playing this movie though.

Kinopanorama - The Rose Kinopanorama - The Rose

March 1981, the 70mm print of The Rose is replaced by a new one (48 weeks on the Kinopanorama screen!)
[Thank you Philippe for your documents!]

July 1982

October 1987, a masterpiece by De Palma
The screen surface was replaced by its width (24m); competing with the new Forum Horizon.

November 1987
Competing with the Forum Horizon again, but also with a remodeled Max Linder.

January 1988
The logo has changed.
New STS sound system equipment.
The screen surface is now only 200sqm (why?)

October 1989
Few changes, but hey, this is Indy playing in 70mm!

December 1989
Nothing left about the amplification system; reservations can be made.

February 1990

October 1990
Rather sober

May 1991
Information on the new CDS digital sound system

January 1992
Even more sober

February 1992

June 1992
Much too sober, the 70mm mention can hardly be noticed
(Only the Kinopanorama played Howard's End in 70mm, it will be its last 70mm print before Gaumont remodeled the theater).

June 10, 1992
The Kino can hardly resist its new competitor located on the Place d'Italie;
the Dolby SR sound seems poor compared to the LC Concept of the Gaumont Italie and Ambassade and at the Publicis Elysées;
it will be the last movie played in the old Kinopanorama.

June 24, 1992
The adds are getting smaller.

July 8, 1992
No more adds for the last week.

Juillet 15, 1992
Closed for remodeling.
In september, the "Gaumont Grand Ecran Grenelle" (!) will open, new and beautiful (but with a smaller screen).
Thank you Philippe for these adds.

September 2, 1992
Announcing the opening

September 9, 1992
The opening day "what, a new movie theater?"asked those who didn't follow...
Below, the schedule; note the performances at noon every day and midnight saturday.

Septembre 23, 1992
The Laser Show

Shortly after, the theater would become the Gaumont Kinopanorama.

To be continued...

In its glory time...


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