French sites (in French)

  • Lumière! French site about cinema, including a large section about movie theaters.
  • Lorient Cinémas A young site about movie theaters, especially in the Lorient area (Brittany); many pictures.

    Sites linking to Silver Screens

  • Architectural Cleansing Subtitled "The eradication of the American Movie Theater", this American site is about cinema palaces in Houston, Texas and in California. Nostalgic (and somehow angry) tone, many photos and links; now renamed "American Movie Palaces: A Retrospect".
  • The 70mm Newsletter Beautiful site with numerous pictures and huge databases for lovers of 70mm.
  • The Vision Project A new site, and an impressive database of movie theaters in America and all the world. Many pictures, some of them borrowed from Silver Screens.
  • The Theaters Of Kansas Movie theaters of Kansas.
  • Theatre Historical Sociey of America Historical Theaters in America; tons of information.
  • Welcome to the Empire The Empire in London.
Flagstaff - Orpheum 1 Orpheum, Flagstaff, Arizona
The single screen theater offers about six hundred seats, but it is very long, and hte screen is only ten meters (35 ft) wide. Dolby SR sound only, but they told us digital sound was coming soon...

    Other sites

  • Cinema Treasures New database about historical theaters in the USA, many pictures.
  • Movie Theatre Information Tons of information about theaters in the Decatur area. Theaters ratings. Film Formats.
  • Super Cinema Website Scottish and Odeon theaters. Lots of pictures.
  • Film-Tech Includes beautiful pictures of numerous movie theaters.
  • Martin's Main Page Movie theaters in Alabama, Washington D.C., and other places.
  • Roadside Peeks You are invited to a tour along the Route 66. Movie theaters, drive-ins, motels, signs and plenty of other stuff. Beautiful and enternaining. Many pictures.
  • Cinemas in Bristol Nice, with pictures.
  • Movieville A huge and interesting website about movie theaters in Los Angeles.
  • Movie Theatres In Sweden In English and Swedish. Swedish site made by an enthusiast who photographed every single movie theater in his country, and who is writing a book about this; many pictures, beautiful presentation.
  • The Picture Palace English site about cinema palaces in Great Britain. Yesterday and today. Lots of stuff, many old and recent photos.
  • The Movie Palace Locator This American site makes an inventory of numerous web sites about cinema palaces in the United States..
  • Picture Theatres In Queensland, Australia This Australian site makes a full inventory of movie theaters in Queensland, Australia. Rather austere presentation, but huge database and many pictures.
  • London Cinemas The large and beautiful theaters in London. Only one page, and some pictures, but interesting.
  • SRAT's Movie Theaters Reviews This American site is very original. Readers are invited to send reviews of the theaters they attend. The author died recently, and his friends carry on his task.
  • Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre In the "Gone and missing" file, there is a picture of the Egyptian on Hollywood Boulevard. Good news, the place was being redone for the American Cinematheque, and the large auditorium re-opened. The story of a resurrection.
  • The Drive-In Theater Huge and impressive database about drive-ins in the United States; many pictures.
Promess kept!
Orpheum, Flagstaff, Arizona. The third part of our favorite trilogy is played in SDDS.
Orpheum - Flagstaff 2