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La boum (The Party)

France - 1980
Location: Paris
Theater(s): Le Paris, Montparnasse Pathé 74

La boum was produced by Marcel Dassault (the former owner of the company which still makes the "Falcon" business jets); release during the Christmas holidays, it did not start as a big success right away, but it really appealed to the teenagers (I was one of them!), and eventually became a big hit. One of the most famous scenes was shot in Marcel Dassault's theater, Le Paris; this single screen theater was one of the largest and probably the most beautiful on the Champs-Elysées (I was shocked when it was torn down, one year before Marcel Dassault's death).

This movie is a nice opportunity to remember this beautiful theater.

Le Paris in "La boum"
Le Paris in "La boum"
Le Paris in "La boum"
Le Paris in "La boum"

A quick visit is also paid to the Montparnasse Pathé 74 (which later became Gaumont Parnasse):

The Montparnasse Pathé 74 in "La boum"


Below: when you get bored during the movie, it's always possible to make a hole at the bottom of the box of chips;
after that, just wait for your neighbor to get hungry...
Le Paris in "La boum"