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Movies heroes must have lives looking like real life. That is the reason why they often meet or visit movie theaters, real or fake, usually very quickly (in the background, during a very short scene), but movie theaters can also play very important parts in movies. Sometimes, it is also possible to look inside the auditorium, which can either be a genuine movie theater auditorium, or a simple projection room.

Some of these movies are listed here; the list isn't complete, and probably will never be, but other titles should be added (and feel free to help!) You might notice that some tv series and even a PC game joined this list.

Some might find that several pages are a bit "farfetched" (in a nutshell, where you hardly see anything); these are pointed out...

* : ..."farfetched", only for the real enthusiasts!

Ah! Si j'étais riche (If I Were a Rich Man) *
Anything Else
Back To The Future
La Boum (The Party)
Le chat et la souris (Cat And Mouse)
Chorus Line *
Cinema Paradiso
Le coup du parapluie (Umbrella Coup)
Dawson's Creek (tv series)
Fear City / New-York deux heures du matin *
Fight Club
Get Real *
Gotcha! *
Groundhog Day
Hollywood Ending
Igby Goes Down / Igby *
The Journey Of Jared Price
Kissing Jessica Stein
Last Action Hero
The Last Picture Show
Mafia (PC game)
The Majestic
Meilleur espoir féminin (Most Promising Young Actress)
Midnight Cowboy
N.Y.P.D. Blue (tv series)
Le Père-Noël est une ordure
Phone Booth *
Scenes From A Mall
Scream 2
The Simpsons
Staying Alive
Taxi Driver
Vanilla Sky *
Virtual Sexuality

Thank you to Dominique and Edouard for their suggestions, and to Jean-Michel for the numerous typos he corrected!