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At long last, an update! Because today, May 18, 2005, is not an ordinary day for French moviegoers. Today is the day the last episode of the Star Wars saga is finally released! At long last too! And rumor has it French moviegoers were the very first in the world to discover this movie.

Yesterday evening, thousands of us queued in front of major cinemas in Paris and in other big cities to attend the first shows, at exactly midnight.

To celebrate this and share these moments with you guys from all over the world, Silver Screens shows you what some of the crowds looked like last night. We also invite you to a stroll throughout Paris last week where the Star Wars signs could be seen on most of our cinemas. Plus an article on how the movie is projected digitally (and beautifully too!) in three Parisian cinemas. We'll also show you how the French saw the waiting line in front of the famous Ziegfeld in New York.

Enjoy the visit!

Last update May 18, 2005